Reply To: UE throughput


Dear Stefan,

Many thanks for your valuable comments and help. Stefan regarding the diversity in the transmission between the UE and enodeB. just I wonder for instance if there is just 1 antenna at the UE and 8 antennas at the enodeB, so in diversity mode how many antennas of the enodeB will be exploited by the UE. in other words, does the UE which has just 1 antenna receives data from (all the antennas) of the enodeB at a time? or there is like an equation or mathematical relation that the enodeB consider it to know how many streams of the same date can be sent over its antenna ports to this UE (e.g. because the UE has just 1 antennas so the enodeB should use for example 2 or 3 to send data instead of using all antennas?

Kind regards