Reply To: 3GPP TR 36.873 calibration results


Dear user,

1.Regarding calibration results in general for the 3D model:

– the phase 1 calibration contains only the geometry (coupling loss) and the correlated large scale parameters from step 4 of the procedure of generating the channel. As we don’t have any wrapping method implemented on our simulator we didn’t look at this part. Note that to compensate for the wrapping, we have a feature to generate the results only for the UEs on the center of our simulated scenario, by excluding the UEs served by eNodeBs on the outer tier of Base Stations (LTE_config.compute_only_center_UEs = true).

– we perform only phase 2 calibration (which includes the fast fading channel): so correlated large scale parameters and largest-and smallest singular values of the channel. We don’t show the wideband SINR as in our simulator we didn’t include the RSRP, and in TR36.873 the wideband SINR is determined from RSRP (see eq. 8.1 of TR 36.873).

2. For the smallest singular values, as you can see the distribution fits, but the curve is shifted a bit. Implementation-wise we coudn’t really find the reason for this small shift.

Thank you for your feedback and please let us know if you have any further question regarding this topic or about the simulator in general.

Best regards,