Reply To: Link-to-System Model Validation (interference-free)


Dear Nakrop,

Some of the scripts in the reproducibility folder are old and written with older versions of our simulator. What you want to compare needs simulations from both link-level and system-level using the same parameter sets, i.e. channel model, antenna configuration, large-scale path loss model etc.

There is no script that does such comparision on the current release and you have to modify some scripts on the simulator to be able tu run it. The idea of such comparison is to move the user along a straight line away from the base station to get the same SNR values simulated on link level.
Regarding matlabpool you can replace it with the parpool similiar as we do on the current release, e.g. you can have a look at the
+phy_modeling/channelTraceFactory_v1.m line 540-557.

Best regards,