Reply To: Size of channel matrix H


Dear Stefan,
Hope you are fine and I highly appreciate your valuable comments.
Stefan regarding the post above “Size of channel matrix H”. I want to see how the size of H in the channel model (Y=HX+n) increases with increasing the number of antennas for both BS and UE and sure with the bandwidth. So based on your comments the size for (4×2) antennas can be calculated as “size: number of subcarriers x number of OFDM symbols x number of receive antennas x number of spatial transmit layers, for example in my 4×2 case this could be 72x14x4x2 for 1.4 MHz of bandwidth”.

So does the size of H is (72x14x4x2= 8064)? does that mean the size of H (8064 x 8064)?

Please Stefan could you clarify more and what is the change when change when use bandwidth 20 MHz?

Many thanks for you time