Reply To: FFR errors

Nakrop Jinaporn

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your support. My first point is to compare the default (Reuse-1) scheduling with the Reuse-1 from FFR setting. The same results could be obtained. The configuration is summarised as follows:

LTE_config.simulation_time_tti = 50;
LTE_config.bandwidth = 20e6;
LTE_config.nr_eNodeB_rings = 2;
LTE_config.UE_per_eNodeB = 30;

LTE_config.nTX = 4;
LTE_config.nRX = 4;

LTE_config.macroscopic_pathloss_model = ‘TS36942’;
LTE_config.shadow_fading_type = ‘none’;
LTE_config.antenna_gain_pattern = ‘kathreinTSAntenna’;
LTE_config.antenna.electrical_downtilt = 8;

LTE_config.scheduler = ‘FFR’;
LTE_config.scheduler_params.FR_scheduler.scheduler = ’round robin’;
LTE_config.scheduler_params.PR_scheduler.scheduler = ’round robin’;

LTE_config.FFR_params.beta_FR = 1;
LTE_config.FFR_params.SINR_threshold_value = -2;
% Minimum threshold point at cell edge

There was error as follows:

TTI 1/50: +++++*****Operands to the || and && operators must be convertible to logical scalar

Error in network_elements.UE/set_SINRs_according_to_schedule (line 568)
if DL_signaling.num_assigned_RBs>0 && ~obj.deactivate_UE

Error in LTE_sim_main (line 466)

Another point is that edge throughput with a specific FFR setting (e.g., beta_FR = 0.75 and SINR_threshold_value = 12.75 dB) was significantly lower than the case without FFR (LTE_config.scheduler = ’round robin’). To the best of my knowledge, the edge throughput could be improved by FFR.

Can we set beta_FR = 0.01 and SINR_threshold_value = -2 dB (Minimum threshold point at cell edge) to analyse Reuse-3 in the Vienna simulator?

Thanks and best wishes,