Reply To: SNR/SINR calculation


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– (3) The wideband SINR is the ratio of the average power received from the serving cell and the average interference power received from other cells plus noise. Here the average power is the received power by considering only the macro-scopic losses. In the simulator the wideband SINR is calculated in +network_elements/UE.m denoted by the parameter obj.wideband_SINR.

– (2) The effective SINR denotes the mapped per subcarrier post-equalization SINR: Our simulator employs MIESM (Mutual Information Effective SINR Mapping). MIESM effectively averages the subcarriers in the MI (Mutual Information) domain and then remaps the average MI value to SINR. In the simulator the effective SINR is calculated in +utils/miesmAveragerFast.m.

The post-equalization SINR is calculated in +phy_modeling/post_equalization_SINR.m

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