Reply To: Size of channel matrix H


Dear Stefan, Hope you are fine. I highly appreciate your help and to all the staff members of “Vienna simulator” and also special thanks for Prof. Markus Rupp.

Dear Stefan I have the following questions please:

1) Just I confused a bit about something regarding the size of channel matrix H, I took another example for instance 8 antennas at the base station and 4 antennas at the UE for BW 1.4 then I have calculated the size of H ( 72 x 14 x 8 x 4= 32256). So just I wonder how the simulator manage that big size of H(32256) in estimating the channel information ? does the simulator takes the matrix H for each antenna with its UEs separately and estimate matrix H or how can manage that?

2) The former example was for 1UE what is the change in the size of H if I use 2 or 3 UEs? does the size of H still same?

3) Can I consider the simulator works as a Macro cell or which cell type the simulator supports?

Many thanks