Reply To: UEs in 3/6 sectors


Dear Naser,

Regarding your first post: in “constantElementsPerCellSpatialDsitribution”, the user positions are randomly generated by using the randi function, thus in each realization you will get different user positions.

There is an option LTE_config.UE_cache, if it is set to true, then in the first simulation the UE positions are saved in a file and in the rest of realizations the user postions are read from that file. This might be the case for you when you simulate with the tri-sector setup.

Regarding your second post: Try to check your parameter settings, if they are the same as in your tri-sector case. Check the LTE_config.UE_cache parameter, and also check if you save or not the channel trace, i.e. LTE_config.delete_ff_trace_at_end (set to ‘true’ means that the channel trace is deleted at the end of the simulation) and LTE_config.recalculate_fast_fading (with this option set to ‘true’, even if cache is present, the channel trace will be recalculated).

To get the same result, you need to use the same channel trace.