Reply To: UEs in 3/6 sectors


Hi Naser,

you need to make sure that the cache file that you created with the first simulation (i.e., the tri-sector simulation) is also actually used for placing the UEs in the second simulation (i.e., the six-sector simulation). Please refer to the function LTE_init_generate_users_and_add_schedulers.m. There, it is checked if a cache file exists with a specific name. By default, the file-name of the stored UE-cache is generated automatically (see LTE_load_params_dependant.m and +utils/naming.m). If you specify your own file-name by setting LTE_config.UE_cache_file = ‘my_cache_file’ for both simulations, it will be created in the first simulation (since it doesn’t exist) and will be stored and reused in the second one.

Best regards,