Reply To: How to simulate System Level Simulator to get BLER curve with MIESM for MU-MIMO


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For any type of simulation scenario, by setting LTE_config.show_network = true; you will automatically get two plots: first the LTE BLER for CQIs 1-15 and second, the SNR-CQI mapping done for 10% BLER. These reslts come after calibration of our system level simulator with link level simulator. Also the parameter beta used for MIESM is calibrated for each CQI.

Regarding the MIESM algorithm used in our simulator, you can reffer to the following paper:
L. Wan, S. Tsai, and M. Almgren, “A fading-insensitive performance metric for a unified link quality model,” in Proc. IEEE Wireless Communications
and Networking Conference (WCNC2006), vol. 4, Apr. 2006, pp. 2110–2114;

As our algorithm doesn’t follow the paper you reffer to, accordingly parameters such RBi, RBIR etc do not exist. Intead you could check the file in +utils/miesmAveragerFast.m for details.

Please let me know if you have any further question!

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