Reply To: Femtocells: MIMO setting


Dear Fjolla,

I’m running a simulation with CLSM, 4*4, similar to the one up here, but with the 3D channel model and shadow fading (while the one reported is ‘TU’ channel and no SF). The error is below (after the dashes). In response, you said it was a bug in the code and advised that simulator be re-downloaded. That was in April 2017.

I got the Simulator with 3D channel in Jan. 2017, so probably the bug hasn’t been fixed then. Do I have to re-download the Simulator or how do I fix this bug?

Many thanks,


*****+++++….In an assignment A(:) = B, the number of elements in A and B must be the same.
Error in network_elements.UE/link_performance_model

[TB_SINR_dB(cw_)] = obj.SINR_averager.average(SINR_dB(layers_cw,:),TB_CQI(cw_),true);

Error in LTE_sim_main