Reply To: How to simulate System Level Simulator to get BLER curve with MIESM for MU-MIMO


Thank you Fjolla,

I am Sorry for another question because of my ignorance,

–to plot BLER specific MCS–
I do not have idea to plot the BLER per MCS.
I have check in folder results and load to workspace, I run the system for 10 TTI, 19 eNodeB and 3 UE/sektor
in the_UE_traces, I got these parameters value, but without parameter consisted BLER word.
the_UE_traces(1,1).SINR different > for 10 column 1×66 double 1×66 double
the_UE_traces(1,1).SNR_dB > same for 10 column 16.47289936 64.65095473
the_UE_traces(1,1).wideband_SINR > same for 10 column -8.817516518 8.736185062
the_UE_traces(1,1).mean_wideband_SINR > only 1 column -8.817516518 8.736185062
the_UE_traces(1,1).TB_SINR_dB > different for 10 column -5.784585418 7.47681086
the_UE_traces(1,1).TB_CQI > different for 10 column 2 12
the_UE_traces(1,1).TB_size > different for 10 column 736 1152

in the_eNodeB_traces, I got average_BLER with blank value.

please guide me how to plot BLER per MCS to SINR or SNR (dB). thank you very much..