Reply To: CQI_mapping.table

Kim Ha Seong

Thanks, Stefan Schwarz.

Then, Can I ask some more questions about details?
1) what were the parameters setting?
– Did you use PDCCH ? (true / false) and what about other settings? (i.e. receiver..)
2) You told me that I can obtain these values by using SUSISO, AWGN, = false and simulating with fixed cqi_i \in {1,…,15} over SNR.
But, I want to modify the values (-500, … ) for 256-QAM, so I need to get the new BLER 0.1 point.

In here, to get that 0.1 BELR point,
First, Settings.
Second, Draw the curve and then check the point.
Is it right method?
because when I get the SNR-BLER curve using LTE_sim_batch_BLER_curve.m I have to set the SNR range(i set 0.25 gap).
Do i have to set the gap more specific?

ha seong