Reply To: Handover_check 1


Dear Naser,

1. In +walking_models we have very basic models. To use one of those models, in the file LTE_init_generate_users_and_add_schedulers, lines 53 – 71, you have to specify under a new case which walking model you want to use, e.g.,
UEs(u_).walking_model = walking_models.straightWalkingModel(LTE_config.UE_speed*LTE_config.TTI_length,direction);

2. The handover function is implemented in LTE_sim_main.m, under the function move_all_UEs(), and everytime the new user location is determined to be in another cell, a handover happens and the user will be associated to the new base station. How often a handover happend depends on the initial user poition and user speed.

3. Currently the handover process is very basic, in every TTI it checks if the user moved out of the assigned cell and if yes, the user is assigned to the new base station. This means no effects are reflected in the performance metrics.

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