Reply To: Unit of spectral efficiency


Hi Martin,

Can you please give the formula to convert from bits/cu to bits/s/Hz?

According to ueTrace.m,

channel_uses_total = sum(double(obj.assigned_RBs(TTIs_to_account_for)))*12*14;
obj.average_spectral_efficiency_bit_per_cu = sum_total_bits ./ channel_uses_total;

In the above, both data and control symbols (i.e., (.)*12*14) were taken into account in calculating bits/cu.
For the spectral efficiency (SE) in bits/s/Hz, will the channel use be a function of data symbols only? i.e.,

channel_uses_total = sum(double(obj.assigned_RBs(TTIs_to_account_for)))*((12*14)-(nRef_sym+nSync_sym));

If so, bits/s/Hz will always be greater than bits/cu.

Thank you.