Reply To: component carrier selector in LTE-A with carrier aggregation


please can i get more theoretical explanation to all & cyclic selectors?
i can’t understand them well in code

– what’s consideration that the (all and cyclic )selectors take it into account such as QOS , UE capability ,delay,packet loss,interference ??
i notice ‘cyclic’ better in fairness and less throughput but ‘all’ better in throughput , spectral efficiency and resource block, is it right??

– why the program select those two selector ?what’s the advantages of them compare with other method or algorithm of cc assignment (random , round robin , practical swarm optimization (PSO) (which is better in throughput and fairness),greedy algorithm

– what’s the concept of empirical cumulative distribution function (what’s mean of ecdf of throughput ,ecdf of SINR and ecdf of spectral efficiency ??

-can i presents in result number of user equipment versus average UE throughput , number of user equipment versus spectral efficiency and number of user equipment versus fairness ???