Reply To: component carrier selector in LTE-A with carrier aggregation


Dear Walaa,

1. The carrier selection is very simple, it is not based on any UE specific capability, it is only based on the user ID to select the carrier in a cyclic fashion.

2. Currently we only offer these two modes for carries selection. More advanced algorithms are not considered in this version.

3. The empirical CDF is the distribution function associated with the empirical measure of a sample. In your case, you have measures for throughput, and from these measures you can estimate the comulative distribution function of the throughput.

4. Our simulator provides a big variety of measures of parameters, so you can access these parameters in the results file and plot different cases. If you want to have more parameters saved then use the following command in the launcher file: LTE_config.compact_results_file = 0;

If you have difficulties understanding concepts used in our simulator, I recommend the following book: Markus Rupp , Stefan Schwarz and Martin Taranet, “The Vienna LTE-Advanced Simulators: Up and Downlink, Link and System Level Simulation”, Springer 2016.

Best regards,