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Dear Fjolla,

Regarding the section of the code below in the 3D model of V1.9 Q2-2016, +macroscropic_pathloss_models/generalPathlossModel.m,

if strcmp(LTE_config.antenna.antenna_gain_pattern, 'TR36.873 3D antenna')
    % Vertical angle grid
    % (0?--> zenith, 90?--> perpendicular to the antenna) degrees to cartesian
    distance_3D = sqrt(distance_matrix_2D(:,:,b_).^2 +(current_site_sectors(s_).tx_height - 1.5).^2);
    theta_arrival         = acosd((current_site_sectors(s_).tx_height - LTE_config.rx_height)./distance_3D);
    vertical_angle_grid_el       = 180 - theta_arrival;

Why is the UE_height = 1.5 and LTE_config.rx_height (which is also 1.5), in 4th and 5th line, respectively? Does this not mean the antenna would be radiating towards height 1.5 m from the ground always?

With the now varying UE_height within the building, one would expect it taken directly from networkMacroscopicPathlossMap.UE_height_map


  distance_3D = sqrt(distance_matrix_2D(:,:,b_).^2 +(current_site_sectors(s_).tx_height - networkMacroscopicPathlossMap.UE_height_map).^2);
  theta_arrival = acosd((current_site_sectors(s_).tx_height - networkMacroscopicPathlossMap.UE_height_map)./distance_3D);

Thank you.

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