Reply To: Macro-Pico Scenario in LTE-A HetNet network


Dear Lomax,

Yes, our simulator supports heterogeneous cellular networks providing two layers of base stations in terms of transmit power: macro and femto/pico. Under the folder sim_main_launcher_files you can find a basic file to start a simulation, consisting of macro and femto cells. You can easily adapt the network parameters for a pico base station: change transmit power (LTE_config.femtocells_config.tx_power_W), specify the desired path loss model (LTE_config.femtocells_config.macroscopic_pathloss_model) and the distribution (LTE_config.femtocells_config.spatial_distribution) of pico base stations.

I recommend you to refer to the documentation, section XI ‘Femtocells and small cells’ for more details how to set the input parameters.

Best regards,