Reply To: unable to run LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_femtocells.m


i am very new to this tool….
when i am running LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_femtocells.m…

please help me…

Using “tri_sector_plus_femtocells” simulation configuration.
Vienna LTE-A System Level simulator
(c) 2008-2018, Institute of Telecommunications (TC), TU Wien
This work has been funded by A1 Telekom Austria AG and the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Design Methodology of Signal Processing Algorithms.

By using this simulator, you agree to the license terms stated in the license agreement included with this work

Error using channel_gain_wrappers.winnerChannelFactory.prepare_winner_channel_model_path (line 51)
Please download the Winner+ II channel model from and extract
it into the “./Winner Channel Model” folder

Error in LTE_load_params_dependant (line 622)
channel_gain_wrappers.winnerChannelFactory.prepare_winner_channel_model_path(winner_model_path); % Add winner
channel model path to the Matlab path

Error in LTE_sim_main (line 30)
LTE_config = LTE_load_params_dependant(LTE_config);

Error in LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_femtocells (line 42)
output_results_file = LTE_sim_main(LTE_config);