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    lee hyunjee

    I want to change FB_period for feedback.
    I read a paper “Resource Allocation and Link Adaptation in LTE and LTE Adavanced: A Tutorial”.
    In here, they said there are two CQI reporting method: Aperiodic CQI reporting & Periodic CQI reporting.

    In this simulator,
    – Can I feedback only periodically, or I can feedback Aperiodically?
    – Can I set FB_periode any number?
    (In Periodic CQI reporting via PUCCH case,
    In TDD mode, the possible reporting periods are 1,5,10,20,40,80 and 160 sub-frames
    In FDD mode, the possible reporting periods are 2,5,10,20,32,40,64,80,128, and 160 sub-frames ; these values go)
    Furthermore, this simulation is based on TDD mode? Or FDD mode?

    Hailey Lee.


    Dear Hailey Lee,

    for further information about the feedback calculation I recommend the following literature:

    Basically, the CQI feedback is calculated in every subframe and reported back, with a certain adjustable delay. Meaning that the reported CQI values are stored in a FIFO buffer and exploited at a later TTI.

    Our simulator currently supports only FDD mode with CQI reporting every TTI. If you want to enable periodic CQI reporting with a periodicity larger than one TTI, or even a-periodic reporting, you would have to modify this buffering structure to fit your requirements.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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