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    How can I add my own simulation type base hex_grid_tilted_with_femtocells to LTE_loadParams.m?
    This section:

    switch simulation_type
        case 'tri_sector'
            LTE_config = simulation_config.tri_sector.apply_parameters;
        case 'tri_sector_3D'
            LTE_config = simulation_config.tri_sector_3D.apply_parameters;
        case {'tri_sector_tilted', 'tri_sector_tilted_4x2', 'tri_sector_tilted_4x4', 'stochastic_tri_sector_tilted'}
            LTE_config = simulation_config.hex_grid_tilted.apply_parameters;
        case 'tri_sector_plus_femtocells'
            LTE_config = simulation_config.hex_grid_tilted_with_femtocells.apply_parameters;
        case 'six_sector_tilted'
            LTE_config = simulation_config.hex_grid_sixsectors.apply_parameters;
        case 'capesso_pathlossmaps'
            LTE_config = simulation_config.example_capesso.apply_parameters;
        case 'omnidirectional_eNodeBs'
            LTE_config = simulation_config.hex_grid_omnidirectional.apply_parameters;
        case 'tri_sector_tilted_traffic'
            LTE_config = simulation_config.hex_grid_tilted_traffic.apply_parameters;
        case 'LLvsSL'
            LTE_config = simulation_config.LLvsSL.apply_parameters;
        case 'trace'
            LTE_config = simulation_config.trace.apply_parameters;
        case 'TPvsSNR'
            LTE_config = simulation_config.TPvsSNR.apply_parameters;       
            warning('Simulation type not defined: using default one instead');
            simulation_type = default_simulation;
            LTE_config = simulation_config.hex_grid_tilted.apply_parameters;

    And where stored the parameters, which applyed to standart preconfigured setup set?


    Hi Dmitriy,

    yes, that’s the right spot to introduce a new simulation type. You then have to add a new file in the folder +simulation_config. I suggest you take an existing one and utilize the same structure, but adapt the parameters that you want to use in your specific scenario.

    To call it, just specify

    simulation_type = ‘new_scenario’;

    in your launcher file, such that you end up with your new simulation config.

    Best regards,

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