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    Dear all
    When I run the LTE-A DL system level simulator (Carrier Aggregation) package, the command line “612” in Lte scheduler class is used to calculate the user throughput in each TTI for using the result in Proportional Fair scheduler class. Could you please inform me what is the unit measurement of the user throughput that come out? “I mean the user throughput from this command line is bits/sec or kbits/sec or bits/msec or what”

    function TP = compute_av_throughput(obj,u_,UE_feedback,TTI_to_read)
    UE_id = UE_feedback.UE_id(u_);
    if UE_id
    TP = sum(obj.UE_traces(UE_id).avg_throughput(:,TTI_to_read))*10^-3; % Mean throughput, averaged with an exponential window
    TP = 0;

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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