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    hello everyone,

    I realized that there is a buffer for each UE at the receiver side and a variable assigned to each UE ( I think in the receiver side, please correct me if I am wrong) named delay_buffer in generic_tm.m which saves the service time for each transmitted packet ( please correct me if i am wrong), could you please let me know if i am correct or not?

    and i assigned to all UEs a video traffic, and I changed the video traffic model properties, actually mean and min and max slice sizes ( actually i increased them to around 3000 while in the code they are around 200), but i realized that there are some packets in TB_size variable which are not received, i mean that there are delay in delay_buffer just for some packets, anyone cam explain me why this is happening?
    i would appreciate that.

    Stefan Schwarz

    Dear Fatemeh,

    my first guess would be that the packet has not been fully transmitted, e.g., because it was generated close to the end of your simulation duration and there simply wasn’t enough time left to transmit the packet.



    Hello every one,

    I would like to use the buffer delay values for each user to calculate other metric but I couldn’t print these delay values or saving in other file. could any friend help me to do this?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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