Bugs in “PostprocessorSuperclass” of Vienna 5G_systemlevel-Release_v1_1

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    Zening Liu

    I want to report a bug in “PostprocessorSuperclass” script of Vienna 5G_systemlevel-Release_v1_1. You’d better use “nUser = chunkResultList(1).nUser” or “size(chunkResultList(1).trace{1}.SINR_DL,1)” instead of “length(chunkResultList(1).trace{1}.SINR_DL)” or “length(chunkResultList(1).trace{1}.SNR_DL)”, otherwise there will be an error if “SNR_DL” or “SNR_DL” is a two-dimensional array.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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