changing the tx_coded bits

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    lee hyunjee

    I am talking about the throughput ‘throughput = sum(sum(simulation_results.UE_specific(1).throughput_coded,3),1)./ N_subframes ./ 1e-3 ./ 1e6’ over many subframes about 5000.
    and I set the simulation type = ‘parallel’, SUSISO, SNR range = -10:5:10.
    However, still the throughputs are always different in same SNR point.

    ‘tx_data_bits’ are always same sequence in simulation, however the ‘tx_coded_bits’ are chaning everytime.
    For example,
    I set the SNR = 8[dB], and I do ‘first simulation’ over many subframes.
    and set the same simulation parameters, do ‘second simulation’.
    second simulation’s tx_dat bits are same as first simulation’s tx_data bits
    second simulation’s tx_coded bits are not same as first simulation’s tx_coded bits

    did I miss something in this simulation?

    Best ,

    Stefan Schwarz

    I have no idea how you set up the simulator. Please start with a fresh download of the simulator and use the prepared scripts. Those definitely produce the same results every time…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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