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    Ali Othman

    dear sir/madam
    i would like to ask about the CoMP simulation in system level simulator v1.9 when I tried to run the CoMP demo, I got an error message as attached
    please send me the procedure for the first step, step by step how to run the simulator for CoMP techniques

    Ali Othman


    Dear Ali,

    I kindly ask you to share here the error you are getting, such that also the community that is interested can see and learn more about our simulator. Did you change anything in the laucher file LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_CoMP.m ?

    Best regards,

    Ali Othman

    Dear sir, as downloaded your simulator, I pasted the winner files in the winner folder, then I run the LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_CoMP.m
    the command window showed me an error mentioned about the saving of the results.
    during last week, I did my best to detect the error. finally, I find the error, which guided me to solve the problem. the error was the UE speed, fixed at 500km/hr
    I hope that I can communicate continuously with you.
    I will utilize your software to improve, with a new project, the edge user throughput.
    please, tell me if you are interested to cooperate with my new university to establish new computer networks and mobile simulation (for Vienna only) for undergraduate and master students. we will be very appreciated to visit your institute to get closer you high-rank knowledge.


    Respected sir, when i run the CoMP file of System Level Simulator v1.8r1375 the following error occurs
    Not enough input arguments.

    Error in CoMP.CoMP_site (line 13) = id;
    Kindly suggest the possible solution.


    Dear Zubdah,

    I recommend to use the latest version of our simulator Vienna LTE-A Downlink System Level Simulator – v1.9 Q2-2016, since a lot of improvements and bug fixes are done from the version v1.8r1375.

    Best regards,

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