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    Kamran Zahoor Khan

    Hey developers and Moderators!
    I really appreciate your supportive behavior. Thanks a bunch in advance for your replies to this post also.
    Actually, I’m trying to simulate an LTE-A network, which could send a video stream from its core to the UE. I can’t figure out how to understand that what kind of data and what amount of data is being transferred between eNBs and UEs. Moreover, there are no entities like S-GW/SGSN/GGSN etc with the help of which the data travels from core to RAN. All the simulation examples that are given in the simulator, show only RAN part. Even I’m unable to find any video tutorials (in English) to guide me out in my task.
    Please help.

    Humble Regards:
    Kamran Zahoor



    unfortunately, there exist no video tutorials for the link level simulators.

    Further, the LTE-A link level simulator are an implementation of a part of the RAN only. There is no MAC layer, neither a core network implemented. In the basic configuration, a full buffer assumption is made. That is, there is always data to be transmitted to the users. In case you want to change that, you have to employ a different traffic model.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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