Error while running basic example .

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    Hi ,

    I am trying to run the 5G system level simulator for the first time for an example scenario looking into the manual . Could anyone help me solve the problem ?
    Error is scripted below .

    Error using linkPerformanceModel.BlerCurves (line 67)
    Bler file ‘dataFiles\AWGN_BLERs\AWGN_1.4MHz_SISO_cqi1.mat’ do not exist

    Error in parameters.transmissionParameters.TransmissionParameters/setDependentParameters (line 102)
    obj.blerCurves = linkPerformanceModel.BlerCurves(obj.cqiParameters, obj.fastBlerMapping);

    Error in parameters.Parameters/setDependentParameters (line 258)

    Error in simulate (line 34)

    Error in launcherFiles.launcherExample (line 29)
    result = simulate(@scenarios.basicScenario, parameters.setting.SimulationType.local);



    Hi Preeti

    I think you may need to check the file mentioned in Error “dataFiles\AWGN_BLERs\AWGN_1.4MHz_SISO_cqi1.mat’”

    there may be a missing file in the mentioned directory

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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