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    When I try to simulate the predefined scenarios (for example HetNet and IoTClusteredUser) two types of errors occur.

    The first one is related to the powerW variable:
    Error using .*
    Array dimensions must match for binary array op.

    Error in linkQualityModel.linkQualityModel/setPower (line 688)
    PowerW = macroFadingW .* PowerW;

    The second one is related to the offset variable:

    Error using .*
    Matrix dimensions must agree.

    Error in networkElements.ue.User.setMovementRandConstDirection (line 195)
    offset = params.time.slotDuration*repmat(direction .* speed,1,1,params.time.nSlotsTotal) .* repmat(t,nUser,3,1);

    I’m not able to fix them so I need your help.

    Thanks in advance!


    Dear Stoynov,

    I tried both launcher files and they finish without error.

    Do you execute the launcher files in the +launcherFiles folder? Did you make any changes to the release version?



    It seems it has some errors in some versions of MATLAB.
    like errors in link quality model(line 688), NetworkElements/user(line 194) or schedular.roundrobinschedular(line 107).
    and when I use its mimo application(use more than one antenna for transmitting) there are some errors(I have changed the channel model type in setting/user/parameter from AWGN to extPedB)in it like error in linkqualitymodel(line 759) .


    Dear Hesam,

    for now, the simulator only supports SISO transmission (we have prepared most parts for MIMO, but still need to implement feedback etc.). Therefore, I’m not sure if it is a problem with the MATLAB version. Did you get the same error when using the default parameters for the scenarios? Which version of Matlab are you on?

    Best regards,



    I use “R2015a” version of MATLAB but when I try the simulator on “R2016b” some of errors solved! like errors ‘Stoynov’ has mentioned above!

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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