Generating BLER Curves for TU Channel Model

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    I have customized the LTE_sim_batch_BLER_curves.m code to generate the BLER curves for the TU channel model. So, after the LTE_load_parameters line I have included the following code snippet:

    LTE_params.Bandwidth = 5e6;
    LTE_params.ChanMod_config.type = 'TU';
    LTE_params.ChanMod_config.filtering = 'BlockFading';
    LTE_params.uplink_delay = 0;
    LTE_params.UE_config.rfo_correct_method = 'none';

    However, after the simulation, I have used the command simulation_results.plot_BLER_throughput and the shown results are the same of the AWGN channel model! Anyone has an idea how to generate the BLER curves for TU channel? What happens to the CQI thresholds in this case? Are the same of AWGN?

    Best regards,


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    Stefan Schwarz

    Dear Rafael,

    yes, the CQI threshold is the same irrespective of the employed channel model, MIMO mode,… since we employ SINR averaging to map the SINR onto an effective AWGN-equivalent SNR (see “Throughput maximizing feedback for MIMO OFDM based wireless communication systems” for details on this process).

    Regarding your simulation setup, it should basically work as far as I see. Did you check whether the corresponding results files in ./examples/AWGN_BLER_curves have been updated after your simulation? You can just load one of the files stored in this directory and check LTE_params.ChanMod_config to see which channel model has been used in the simulation.



    Hi Stefan,

    Thank you for your reply!

    This is exactly what I have done: I have compared with the stored results and didn’t saw any difference…

    I have a data set generated by the author of another LTE Simulator (the LTE-Sim, from the Giuseppe Piro) and he have stored a series of values that I am also using as a reference (I can post some values here).




    Here have an example:

    CQI 1 curve:

    snr_cqi1 = [-14.5, -13.5, -12.5, -11.5, -10.5, -9.5, -8.5, -7.5, -6.5, -5.5, -4.5, -3.5, -2.5, -1.5, -0.5, 0.5];
    bler_cqi1 = [1, 1, 0.996, 0.992, 0.968, 0.88, 0.76, 0.564, 0.364, 0.22, 0.084, 0.044, 0.008, 0, 0.004, 0]
    semilogy(snr_cqi1, bler_cqi1)

    As you can see, those values have serious precision problems, that is why I want to generate them again (the author of LTE-Sim said that he used the Vienna Link Level Simulator to got those values).

    Best regards,


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