HARQ retransmission

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    lee hyunjee


    I set
    LTE_params.max_HARQ_retransmissions = 3;
    LTE_params.UE_config.feedback = false;
    for do HARQ retransmissions.

    In this case, I want count the how many transmissions happened.
    For example, although I set the N_subframe = 100000, transmission will happend more that 100000.
    Which part do I have to check to count the transmission?


    Stefan Schwarz


    the total number of simulated subframes is N_subframe, irrespective of whether HARQ is used or not. The simulator will simply stop after N_subframe transmissions.

    To see if a specific subframe was a retransmission of a previous subframe or if it was new data you can check:


    rv_idx = 0 means new data
    rv_idx = 1 means first retransmission
    rv_idx = 2 means second retransmission



    Request your help

    Dear sir
    I am a researcher in the field of mobile communications and I need to help you in my research and I had a problem I did not know where the presence of an Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request technology in LTE code in the link-level simulator to modify the code of this technology in the simulator
    Can you help me find the location of the HARQ technology code to modify it in the link-level simulator?
    Best regards


    Dear Sir
    My research title is:Improving HARQ in LTE networks using link-level simulator
    Can you help me to find the location of the HARQ code to modify and improving HARQ in the link-level simulator?what files will I modify it?
    thank you
    Best regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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