heterogeneous power allocation

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    in this lteScheduler.m file
    on the homogeneous powwer allocation parts

    if ~isempty(attached_UEs)
    if isprop(the_RB_grid, ‘max_ues’)
    power_per_rb = obj.max_power / the_RB_grid.n_RB;
    scheduled_idxs = the_RB_grid.user_allocation>0;
    the_RB_grid.power_allocation = scheduled_idxs.*power_per_rb./kron(ones(1, the_RB_grid.max_ues),sum(scheduled_idxs, 2));
    the_RB_grid.power_allocation(:) = obj.max_power / the_RB_grid.n_RB;

    if i want to do heterogeneous power allocation
    please kindly guide me how can I adjust this thing
    best regards,


    Dear Nonthapat,

    For homogeneus power allocation you devide the power per total number of resource blocks. For a heterogeneous scheme, if you want some resource blocks with higher power than others you have to modify the above code, i.e., either a loop over different levels of power that you define, or define parameters for every level of power. You should end up with the paramter the_RB_grid.power_allocation showing a vector of length of number of resurce blocks with different power values based on your algorithm.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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