how determined Users with different time of service?

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    how determined Users with different time of service? e.g. call duration in VOIP service.


    Hi Raheleh,

    usually, all UEs are considered to be “fullbuffer”-users. When traffic-models are activated, each UE is assigned a specific traffic-type. It will be active for the whole duration of your simulation, i.e., a VoIP call does not terminate during the simulation time.

    Best regards,


    Dear Martin


    I have few questions related to traffic models.
    a) When traffic-models is activated, Does each UE get a different model by random? It appears in the LTE_init_generate_users_and_add_scheduler, all UEs get the same traffic model. kindly confirm

    b) If we wish to assign each UE with different model, i understand one need to modify the LTE_init_generate_users_and_add_scheduler suitably? am i right?

    c) is there an example script that can help one to understand the required configuration for assigning traffic models to UEs? In the current set of example files in sim_main_launcher_files, i dont observe an example for traffic model assignment.

    Best regards


    Hi Mani,

    you can use LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_basic.m and set “simulation_type = ‘tri_sector_tilted_traffic’;”. This sets

    LTE_config.scheduler = ‘prop fair traffic’;
    LTE_config.traffic_models.usetraffic_model = true;
    LTE_config.traffic_models.type = ‘3GPP’;

    In LTE_init_generate_users_and_add_scheduler, there is a loop over all UEs, assigning a traffic model to each user, according to LTE_trafficmodel.

    If you want to change the traffic-model assignment (type, traffic-mix, etc.) this should happen in LTE_trafficmodel. The currently available traffic models are defined in +traffic_models.

    Unfortunately, it seems like there is a bug in the currently available version of the simulator. Please check line 267 in LTE_init_generate_users_and_add_scheduler. It should read: “else if ~isfield(LTE_config.traffic_models,’type’)”, otherwise all UEs are assigned a fullbuffer traffic-model.

    Please let me know if that works for you and if you have any further questions regarding the usage of traffic models!

    Best regards,


    Dear Martin

    Greetings. Thank you for the kind replies and helps.

    The suggested variable configuration helps me to enable traffic models and also thank you for alerting me about the bug, with the correction the traffic models get applied.

    Will revert back if there are any further questions.

    Thank you
    Best regards

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