I don't know how to run the simulator:LTE_System_Level_1.6_r885_light

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    after downloaded the Winner channel model
    i clicked the run button of matlab.
    but the ouptputs i cannot get understood————————

    Using “tri_sector_tilted” simulation configuration
    .Vienna LTE System Level simulator
    (c) 2008-now, Institute of Telecommunications (TC), TU Wien
    This work has been funded by A1 Telekom Austria AG and the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Design Methodology of Signal Processing Algorithms.

    By using this simulator, you agree to the license terms stated in the license agreement included with this work

    Loading network from .\data_files\network_caches\network_2_rings_3_sectors_30°_offset_10m_res_TS36942_urban_kathreinTSAntenna_antenna_8°-0°_2.14GHz_freq_claussen10dB_shadow_fading.mat
    Reapplying Minimum Coupling Loss of 70 dB
    Generating UEs: constant UEs per cell
    Saving UE positions to .\data_files\UE_caches\UE_cache_2rings_constant_UEs_per_cell_20160516_152639.mat
    Creating prop fair Sun schedulers and resource block grids
    Generating UE fast fading and saving to .\data_files\channel_traces\winner+_2x2_CLSM_20MHz_5.0Kmph_10s_delay_3_v1.mat
    Generating 2×2 channel trace of length 10.00s
    Calculating winner antenna array cache: .\data_files\channel_traces\winer_array_2x2_2.1GHz.mat

    Error using dipole (line 88)
    Expected a string for the parameter name, instead the input type was ‘double’.

    Error in channel_gain_wrappers.winnerChannelFactory/generate_winner_channel_model_antenna_array (line 243)
    pattern(1,:,1,:) = dipole(Az,TX_pol(1));

    Error in channel_gain_wrappers.winnerChannelFactory/load_antenna_array (line 98)
    winner_antenna_array = obj.generate_winner_channel_model_antenna_array;

    Error in channel_gain_wrappers.winnerChannelFactory/generate_FF_trace (line 482)

    Error in LTE_init_get_microscale_fading_SL_trace (line 76)
    H_trace0 = channel_factory_H0.generate_FF_trace(config.trace_length_s/config.TTI_length);

    Error in LTE_sim_main (line 59)
    pregenerated_ff = LTE_init_get_microscale_fading_SL_trace(LTE_config);

    Error in LTE_sim_main_launcher_examples (line

    Mahmoud Salim

    Same problem here, did you find any solution to the problem?

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