Integration of 5G LLS with 5G SLS

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    Mahesh budavarapu

    Has anyone tried integration of Vienna 5G LLS with Vienna 5G SLS?
    Would like to know how much effort is required in order to accomplish such a task.
    Expecting concrete answers w.r.t challenges and timelines.
    Currently SLS allocates 1 TTI for each user.

    If we need the following features, then how much time and effort will it require to accomplish the above tasks
    -> Separating Control (PDCCH ) and Data signalling (PDSCH) for each of the UE
    -> Having more than one UE in a TTI
    -> Making the UE switch between IDLE and wake states
    -> Making the UE follow DRX procedures (Decode PDCCH only based on monitoring occasion parameters)



    Hi Mahesh,

    I am not sure what you would want to achieve with that task. There are strong reasons why we decided for splitting the simulators as we did.

    “Currently SLS allocates 1 TTI for each user.” – you can definitely have several UEs scheduled in one TTI, not exactly sure what you mean here.

    We have not attempted to implement control channels and I have no estimate how much effort it would be.

    Turning UEs off and on should not be too hard to implement, you mostly might have to make the scheduler aware of it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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