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    Hello, I tried running the example (launcherFiles/example.m.)

    The error code shows (as shown below)…I went to the dataFiles/channelTraces folder and couldn’t find any matlab code file. Sorry I am new to Matlab and unsure what to do for this error code. Can anyone help me?

    Channel trace could not be saved. (Cannot create ‘f11186f6cb637fb95e6be178c20a452d7377c04e.mat’ because ‘dataFiles\channelTraces’ does not exist.).
    Loading UE fast fading from dataFiles/channelTraces/f11186f6cb637fb95e6be178c20a452d7377c04e.mat.
    Channel trace could not be loaded.(Unable to read file ‘dataFiles/channelTraces/f11186f6cb637fb95e6be178c20a452d7377c04e.mat’. No such file or directory.).
    Output argument “Trace” (and maybe others) not assigned during call to

    Error in smallScaleFading.PDPcontainer/updatePDPcontainer (line 633)
    obj.PDPtraces{traceIndex} = obj.loadTrace(iAntConf);

    Error in simulation.ChunkSimulation/runSimulation (line 242)
    pdpContainer.updatePDPcontainer(obj.antennaList, obj.users(obj.isUserRoi));

    Error in simulation.LocalSimulation/run (line 68)
    chunkResultList(ii) = obj.chunkSimulationList(ii).runSimulation();

    Error in simulate (line 67);

    Error in launcherFiles.launcherExample (line 27)
    result = simulate(@scenarios.basicScenario, parameters.setting.SimulationType.local);

    Charmae Mendoza

    Hi Arvindraj,

    Where did you run the launcher file? Try running it from the root directory of the simulator (where simulate.m is).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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