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    Respected sir,
    I want to implement femtocell in LTE-A. so i done the following process
    1. I open the sim_main_launcher_files
    2. I open the LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_femtocell
    3. I run the program
    4. It asks for change directory,i done it.
    5. Later CQI Graph and CQI-SNR mapping graph later it is showing the following error

    Error using sort
    Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.

    Error in LTE_common_calculate_cell_capacity (line 136)
    [~, SINR_IX] = sort(SINR_dB_macro_only,3);

    Error in network_generation.add_femtocells (line 15)
    [~,~,networkPathlossMap.sector_assignment,~,~,networkPathlossMap.sector_sizes,~] =
    LTE_common_calculate_cell_capacity(LTE_config, networkPathlossMap, sites, eNodeBs);

    Error in LTE_init_network_generation (line 89)
    [sites, eNodeBs] = network_generation.add_femtocells(LTE_config,sites,eNodeBs,networkPathlossMap );

    Error in LTE_sim_main (line 36)
    [sites, eNodeBs, networkPathlossMap, networkShadowFadingMap] = LTE_init_network_generation(LTE_config,varargin);

    Error in LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_femtocells (line 42)
    output_results_file = LTE_sim_main(LTE_config);

    i go throw the video how to run the simulation, i followed the same procedure for RRHs also. after running the file it also showing the following error

    Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.

    Error in channel_gain_wrappers.channelFactory/get_RB_trace (line 47)
    H_fft_large = fft(channel,obj.Nfft,5);

    Error in channel_gain_wrappers.pdpChannelFactory/fading_generation (line 394)
    H_fft_to_return = obj.get_RB_trace(H);

    Error in channel_gain_wrappers.pdpChannelFactory/generate_FF_trace (line 205)
    fading_gen_output = obj.fading_generation(loop_offset); % out of some reason this is fixed to 2000… what if I
    don’t need so many subframes?

    Error in phy_modeling.generateChannelMatrix (line 18)
    H_trace0 = channel_factory_H0.generate_FF_trace(config.trace_length_s/config.TTI_length);

    Error in LTE_init_get_microscale_fading_SL_trace>generate_trace_v2 (line 149)
    [H_0_RB, H_i_RB] = phy_modeling.generateChannelMatrix(…

    Error in LTE_init_get_microscale_fading_SL_trace (line 139)
    fading_trace = generate_trace_v2(LTE_config, config);

    Error in LTE_sim_main (line 86)
    pregenerated_ff = LTE_init_get_microscale_fading_SL_trace(LTE_config);

    Error in LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_RRH (line 70)
    output_results_file = LTE_sim_main(LTE_config);

    sir, will please give the clear procedure how to run the simulator with clear instructions. any manual how to use the simulaotr. i go throw the documents given in the documents folder. there also no clear procedure for how to run the simulations.



    it seems that the network size is too large for the computing capabilities of your PC.
    Try to reduce the resolution as well as the number of eNodeB rings.

    Best regards,

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