New Release of the Vienna LTE-A Downlink System Level Simulator v2.0 Q3-2018


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    Dear community,

    we are happy to announce the release of the

    Vienna LTE-A Downlink System Level Simulator v2.0 Q3-2018

    To get access to the download link, please follow the steps described below:
    1) Print the license agreement on letterhead of the university department or research institute,
    2) Have it signed by the department head, including date and stamp of the department,
    3) Then scan it and, including the above, email it to

    The simulator remains free for academic non-commercial use. Companies (no matter whether profit-oriented or not) are not allowed for free usage. For a commercial use license, please contact Univ.Prof. Markus Rupp (

    The new features and improvements are listed in the change log below. You can also check the list of features and the documentation of the new version on the webpage of the corresponding simulator.

    You are welcome to post your questions/comments/feedback on the forum ( Our team will try to support you as soon as possible. Please also read the license agreement [for system level][for link level] carefully to check whether you would need our permission to use the simulator.

    With this release we provide a quite extensive package of features that cover the LTE and LTE-A including Release 14 of 3GPP.
    Next, it will be time for 5G!

    Best regards,
    The Vienna LTE-A Simulator Team.

    Change Log Vienna LTE-A Downlink System Level Simulator v2.0 Q3-2018, 2018-07-13
    – New channel model available: 3GPP mmWave channel model as specified in 3GPP TR 38.901 and TR 38.900.
    – New channel interface that integrates QuaDRiGa channel models in the simulator.
    – Support additional features for 2-dimensional antenna arrays by using QuaDRiGa interface.
    – Support LTE transmission mode 9 (TM 9) for MU-MIMO.
    – Improvements in the runtime precoding mode.
    – Various bug-fixes as reported by our online-community (

    Citing the simulator
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    Hi everyone
    I’m a new in a Vianna LTE-A simulator.

    is it possible to get the performance metrics of uplink (UE- to – BS) in this simulator i mean (LTE-A Downlink system level simulator)

    or i have to use only the LTE-A UL-LL



    Dear Fjolla,

    I have the license agreement but I wanna know where could I download the new simulator versions(Vienna LTE-A Downlink System Level Simulator v2.0 Q3-2018).Hope you can help, thank you.

    Best Regards,

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