Number of eNodeBs per ROI/Cell

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    Kamran Zahoor Khan

    Hey developer and moderators!
    I’m trying to generate a single-cell/single-eNB network but I can’t find where to set the number of eNBs.
    I’m using the LTE_config.network_source = ‘generated’; I’m unable to find any option written as the number of eNodeBs per cell or something.
    Thanks in advance for your attention.

    Humble Regards:
    Kamran Zahoor Khan


    Set LTE_config.nr_eNodeB_rings=0 for single eNodeB


    Dear Avinash thank you for your answer!

    In addition to Avinash’s answer, for simulating a single cell (no sectorization), an omnidirectional antenna has to be set. This can be done by using simulation_type = ‘omnidirectional_eNodeBs’ at the beginning of the launcher file.

    Best regards,

    Kamran Zahoor Khan

    Thanks alot Avinash and Fjolla.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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