One value mismatch with Rel. 12 Standard

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    Dear Developers,

    The Vienna Simulators are highly invaluable and the implementation is modular, well-documented and superb. Great work!

    I noticed a value mismatch wrt the Rel. 12 standard and the implementation in Vienna SLS with 3D channel model, and I don’t know if it’s typo in the standard or error in the implementation which might have been corrected in subsequent versions of the release.

    in LTE-A-DL-System-Level-Simulator-Rel-v1-9-Q2-2016, +network_elements/eNodeB_sector.m,

    function [ZS_D_mu_NLOS,ZS_D_sigma_NLOS,ZOD_mu_offset_NLOS] = generate_ZSD_ZoD_offset_parameters_NLOS(obj, LTE_config, rx_height, distance))
    line 761: ZOD_mu_offset_NLOS = -10.^(-0.62*log10(max(10,distance))+1.93-0.7*(rx_height-1.5));

    function [ZS_D_mu_OTOI,ZS_D_sigma_OTOI,ZOD_mu_offset_OTOI] = generate_ZSD_ZoD_offset_parameters_OTOI_NLOS(obj,LTE_config, rx_height, distance)
    line 776: ZOD_mu_offset_OTOI = -10.^(-0.62*log10(max(10,distance))+1.93-0.7*(rx_height-1.5));

    The value 0.7 in the equations (lines 761 and 776) is 0.07 in Table 7.3-7 of 3GPP TR 36.873 V2.1.0 (2014-08) documentation.

    Perhaps there is a typo somewhere, may be in the documentation!

    Kind regards,


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    Dear Sherif,

    Thank you for your good comments! We are always greatful to our all-over-the-world users for continuously reporting bugs and thus helping us in improving our simulators.

    The value 0.7 was a typo in our code, already fixed. It should be 0.07 as specified in 3GPP TR 36.873. Again thank you for reporting this!

    Best regards,

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