Path loss, input rate & min. throughput

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    Few questions to ask (referring to NOMA):

    1) I would like to know, if I were to simulate NOMA scenario with several UEs (probably more than 2), how to consider which UE is cell edge or cell center user? Is it simply from the path loss value set to each UE? Low path loss for cell center UE while high path loss for cell edge UE. Or any other consideration? Any guidelines for selecting the values?

    2) What is the input rate of each transmission?

    3) Is it possible to know what is the minimum / maximum throughput value of cell edge / cell center user should get?

    Bashar Tahir


    1) This is determined by how you enter the schedule. For example, let us say you have four users: UE1, UE2, UE3, UE4. You want UE1 and UE2 to supposedly be the strong UEs (e.g., cell-center), and UE3 and UE4 to be the weaker ones (e.g., cell-edge), then the downlink schedule should be:

    scStr.schedule.fixedScheduleDL{1} = ['UE1:36,UE2:36,UE3:UE1,UE4:UE2'];

    This indicates that UE3 is superimposed on UE1, and UE4 is superimposed on UE2. You should try to set the pathlosses in a reasonable way. It depends really on how you define your cell conditions. A difference of at least 10dB between cell-center and cell-edge can be a reasonable starting point maybe?

    You can find more information in the user’s manual (the NOMA example scenario and the main NOMA section).

    2) I am not sure what do you mean by “input rate”.

    3) It depends on the allocated bandwidth, the current CQI, and the current spatial configuration. The minimum would correspond to a CQI of 1, with a single spatial stream transmission, while the maximum would correspond to maximum number of spatial streams together with the highest CQI of 15. Note for the NOMA farUE (cell-edge), its maximum CQI is limited to 6 (assuming cqiTable 0), since in the standard, 3GPP MUST only supports QPSK modulation for farUE.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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