Power Split between two users on Link Level Simulator

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    I‘m using Vienna LTE_Link_Level_1.7_r1089 simulator. I want to design Non Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) tranceiver on Link Level Simulator. Firstly, I want to design transmitter composed of two user in a cell with controlled by simple eNodeB. At transmitte side at each time slot, two user will share the whole wideband for their transmission signals and the modulated symbols intended for near and far user will be superposed.

    I decided to use LTE_sim_batch_single_cell_multi_user.m I want to design system by select this parameters as below:

    N_Ue = 2;
    N_Bs = 1;
    tx_mode = 1;
    N_rx = 1;
    N_tx = 1;
    channel_type = 'TU'
    SNR_vec = 10;
    Power_diff = 100;
    channel_est = 'PERFECT';
    equalizer = 'SSD';
    %% Actual simulations
    cqi_i = 4
     N_subframes = 100;

    Unfurtunately ,in order to design NOMA, at LTE_TX.m , I couldn’t see call function of power or SNR_vec? Because of I have to use power split factors for near and far user inside superposed transmit signal ( transmit_signal= symbol_far_user* power_split_far*total power +symbol_near_user* power_split_near*total power ) How could I split SNR_vec to the two user to allocate resource to two users to share the whole wideband among all Resource Blocks in a subframe. If I access power ınformation ( SNR_vec) , I think to obtain superposed transmit signal symbol ( instead of tx_user_symbols at Line 226 on LTE_TX.m

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    Stefan Schwarz


    you are right, there is no power allocation in the simulator. SNR_vec only impacts the noise variance; the transmit power is normalized to one. You can of course multiply your symbols with wathever power you like. However, this will have to be accounted for at the receiver (in the equalizer, the feedback calculation and possibly other places).

    As an alternative, I suggest to switch to our 5G link level simulator, which supports power allocation as well as NOMA.


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