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    I want to call the FFR scheduler in my simulation, so I modify some parameters in LTE_sim_main_launcher_demmo_basic.m as follow:
    LTE_config.scheduler = ‘FFR’;
    LTE_config.scheduler_params.FR_scheduler.scheduler = ’round robin’;
    LTE_config.scheduler_params.PR_scheduler.scheduler = ’round robin’;
    LTE_config.FFR_params.beta_FR = 0.01;
    LTE_config.FFR_params.SINR_threshold_value = 3;

    after that errors were announced in the class resourceBlockGrid that the property PMI has not been defined yet.
    cloned_RB_grid.PMI = obj.PMI;
    So I defined the PMI.

    However, a new error was found in class ffrUtils as follow:
    Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
    Error in utils.ffrUtils.filter_RB_grid (line 35)
    a_RB_grid.PMI = a_RB_grid.PMI(indexing_vector);

    so how can I solve this problem?

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