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    Dear sir
    I’m using 5G LL_Link Level_Simulator_v1.1. with matlab R2017a
    I have several doubts which I wish I could clarify with you as below:

    1) How much is the frequency or which spectrum is used by the Vienna 5G simulator?
    2) How much would be the transmission power of the transmitter in the simulator’s scenario?
    3) What would be the possible problems which I only managed to get 3.5MB/s in terms of downlink speed and what should I look into to correct this problem?



    first of all, I advise you to use the new version 1.2 of the simulator, see

    1) The transmission bandwidth is determined by the number of subcarriers scStr.modulation.numberOfSubcarriers and the subcarrier spacing scStr.modulation.subcarrierSpacing through the modulation and waveform parameters. The carrier frequency scStr.simulation.centerFrequency is also a parameter, but it only has an effect if you are considering non-zero user velocities. The center frequency is only employed for the calculation of the Doppler shift.

    2) The transmission power of the base station is given by scStr.simulation.txPowerBaseStation and the transmit power of a user is defined by scStr.simulation.txPowerUser both in dBm

    3) The saturation throughput is mainly determined by the employed bandwidth (number of subcarriers) and the employed modulation and coding scheme (MCS) (or CQI)

    kind regards
    Stefan Pratschner


    Dear sir
    I’m using 5G LL_Link Level_Simulator_v1.2. with matlab R2018b

    I tried to run the “massiveMiMo” scenerio
    with setting of scStr.modulation.cqiTable = 2 and scStr.modulation.mcs = 15
    under 1024-QAM coding scheme.

    However, the simulation runs into errors
    when I changed the scStr.modulation.numberOfSubcarriers to any other number than 72.
    Hereby, I wish to ask how can I change the number of subcarriers to other number?
    Are there any parameters I need to change if I wish to increase the number of subcarriers higher than 72?

    Thank You.



    please report the error that you get.

    Stefan Pratschner


    Dear Sir
    As below are the errors I got when I try to run the simulator with the parameter

    Error using Channel.FastFading/NewRealization (line 592)
    Out of memory. Type “help memory” for your options.

    Error in Channel.FastFading (line 231)

    Error in Parameters.SimulationParameters/initializeLinks (line 1613)
    Links{linkX, linkY}.Channel = Channel.FastFading(

    Error in main (line 48)
    parfor iSweep = 1:length(simParams.simulation.sweepValue) % this may be ‘for’ or ‘parfor’

    Thank you.

    Mariam Mussbah

    Hi Louis,

    The error message indicates that MATLAB ran out of memory.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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