relationship between TB_CQI and TB_SINR_dB when calculating BLER

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    Dear Martin Taranetz,
    As you know,the calculation of BLER in +network_elements\UE is like this:
    BLER(cw_) = obj.BLER_curves.get_BLER(TB_CQI(cw_),TB_SINR_dB(cw_))
    I found sometimes BLER is quite high(0.9804)in v2 but very low(5.7*e-7)in v1.
    In v2 mode,I got TB_CQI with 12 and TB_SINR_dB with 9.6239,then BLER with 0.9804 was calculated out.
    When I set the value of TB_CQI to the 9 and BLER with 2.4464e-07 was calculated out.
    What is the relationship between TB_CQI and TB_SINR_dB?
    How can I do with the mismatching between TB_CQI and TB_SINR_dB?
    Best regards,

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