Reproducing a simulation related to evaluate the schedulers

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    Ben Kaya

    Hello Moderators,

    I saw on the +reproducibiity folder, a file called LTE_sim_main_launcher_2x2_CLSM.m is the showing the throughput for 3 schedulers (Robin Round, PF, Best CQI) in mean, Edge, and peak throughput. I ran it and it is working well, I can see 2 figures. What I want to do is :
    1. Evaluate the throughput for a heterogeneous network (19 BS, and 29 femtocells)
    2. I have a proposed scheduler that I want to compare with the other schedulers (Robin Round, PF, Best CQI) for the same heterogeneous network with the same simulation parameters.

    My questions are :
    1. Do I need to change LTE_sim_main_launcher_2x2_CLSM.m file or I have to change the default simulation parameter in the load_params.m file by tri_sector_titled_plus_femtocell
    2. If so, How can I implement my proposed scheduler.

    My reference paper is that below, I want to reproduce it completely and apply my novelty to see improvement.

    Sorry for asking many questions, Now I decided to work on the evaluation of the schedulers for a heterogeneous network.
    I need really your help.
    Best regards!!!

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