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    Kamran Zahoor Khan

    First of all thanks for the previous answers regarding “Single eNodeB” network. Actually, I’m trying to develop a single cell network having a single eNodeB to study the behavior of resource block allocation by eNB/MCE. But, I can’t find how the resources are allocated to the UEs in a cell. I mean how can I manually set that a specific number of RBs should be allocated to UE1 and so on.
    Thanks for your attention and help in advance.

    Humble Regards:
    Kamran Zahoor


    Dear Kamran,

    The allocation of frequency resources is done by the scheduler. There are different scheduling schemes implemented in the simulator under +schedulers. You can add your own algorithm by creating a new scheduler or modify an existing one. At the beginning of a simulation, in the launcher file, you specify which scheduler will be used during simulation using the parameter LTE_config.scheduler.

    Best regards,

    Kamran Zahoor Khan

    Thank you so much Fjolla for helping out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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