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    A Atta

    Dear all,

    As far as I know, initial cell selection is based on the highest RSRP. Could anyone help me to find the location of the file that saves these values (RSRPs) for all attached UEs in a certain cell, please?
    I need to sort the UEs attached a cell based on their RSRP in Macro/ Femto deployment.

    A Atta


    Dear Atta,

    Cell assignment is done based on the macroscopic SINR. You can find the corresponding code at LTE_common_calculate_cell_capacity.m.

    Best regards,


    Is there any way to calculate the RSRP values by modifying the code?
    If it is, which file should be changed.

    Best Regards,



    In the simulator it is possible to calculate the RSRP values, however this will cause a huge overhead when using the 3D model.
    For the cell assignment this can be performed in the LTE_init_network_generation after generating the macroscopic pathloss map and shadow-fading map.

    Best regards,


    if its possible to calculate the RSRP values, could you please provide some coding details of how to make changes?


    please refer to the answer in this thread:

    Relay Cell Range Extension

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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