Serious bugs in trace simulation type

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    Mohamad Asadi

    Hello everyone

    We’re using “Vienna_LTEA_SLS_v2.0_Q3_2018” and as I noticed, there are some serious bugs regarding the trace simulation type.
    1- First of all, the file LTE_sim_main_launcher_trace.m doesn’t work and stops with error:

    Not enough input arguments.
    Error in spatial_distributions.predefinedSpatialDistribution (line 14)
                obj.UE_positions = UE_positions;

    which is due to a lack of sufficient input arguments at line 32 of ‘LTE_init_generate_users_and_add_schedulers.m’, where ‘predefinedSpatialDistribution’ needs two input arguments and only one is specified.

    2- Also at line 788 of the file LTE_sim_main.m the method ‘set_fast_fading_model_model’ of downlink channel is used which is obviously a typo (the channel doesn’t have such method) and it should be replaced with ‘set_fast_fading_model’

    3- At line 303 of the file ‘UE.m’ there is a bug (possibly a typo) where a function ‘RB_grid’ is used, although it is not a self contained function and should be replaced by ‘obj.RB_grid’.

    4- Another bug I found is that at line 1251 of the file ‘UE.m’ where the assignment (while perfectly working for non-trace simulation types) is not compatible with trace type because at line 320 of the same file, in the function ‘get_interfering_macroscale_losses’, for the trace type an array is yielded instead of a single value which was not considered in the use of the function at line 1251 and it results in the error
    Unable to perform assignment because the size of the left side is 1-by-1 and the size of the right side is 9-by-1

    Even after debugging all of the above (and some more) by myself, it finally results in
    No valid data
    when plotting the results.

    We would appreciate any further information or solutions on this issue.
    I guess such bugs could happen as a result of a mistake in version control and maybe by providing us with a downgraded version, the issue can be temporarily solved.

    Thanks in advance.

    Stefan Schwarz

    Dear Mohamad, unfortunately we do no longer provide implementation support for the Vienna LTE-A System Level Simulator, since the corresponding students are no longer at our Institute.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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